My Work Is Included in a Book!

I had a wonder­ful surprise when I checked my mail today– A book in my mailbox!

Honey, did you order some­thing for me?” But my husband was as surprised. We opened the box and found a warm letter accom­pa­ny­ing a compli­men­tary copy of Convergence: The Art Collection of the National Academy of Sciences.

The book is a limited edition, but will be avail­able as an online version for FREE very soon.  There are 14 essays with a vari­ety of perspec­tives on the cross-disciplinary discourse between art and science. With LOTS of really amaz­ing art. I’m super thrilled because my work is featured in it!

Is that awfully dorky of me?  Well, I’ve always main­tained it’s far better to be happy than cool. And I’m very happy right now!

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More experiments with paper cuts too

More exper­i­ments with paper cuts, using sculpted paper/Mylar in a shadowbox.

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More experiments with paper cuts

Something else I’ve been play­ing with, using figures from The Last Judgment. This time I’m work­ing with sculpted paper/Mylar in a shad­ow­box. Working small at first, with single and multi­ple figures, just to exper­i­ment with the effects.

No, the picture’s not fuzzy.That’s the effect of the cut and folded paper coming in and out of focus as it pressed up against the frosted cover!

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Laser cut drawing experiment in the studio

Just a little some­thing I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with– laser cut draw­ings. I lifted figures from The Last Judgment, drew them in vector, and took them down to the laser cutter for a look­sie. Expensive process! $200 for this small lot, and I want to do the entire 200 figures from the Last Judgment! This small lot is pinned directly on the wall. Ideally, the figures will respond to the archi­tec­ture of the gallery, and a contour line wall draw­ing of an explo­sion will anchor them further. What do you think?

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My work is featured on Saatchi homepage!

This is just a little note to let you know that my artwork has been featured on Saatchi Online’s home­page this week!

You can find the link to our home­page here:

My piece shown with the works priced at $500 and under.

Each week Saatchi features artists who display strong work on their site, and as they said in their invi­ta­tion to show on the home­page “We think yours is beautiful.”


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Nominations for 2012 Mayor’s Art Awards!

It’s time to nomi­nate some­one for the 2012 Mayor’s Arts Award. I’m nomi­nat­ing Rosita Romero, and encour­age you to do so as well! Here’s a partial list of her contributions:

Seattle Art Museum Docent, offer­ing bilin­gual tours (Since 2008)

Volunteer Park Conservatory docent (Since 2007)

Member of the Seattle Chapter of the Ikebana International Association, partic­i­pat­ing in the Ikebana flower arrange­ments for the Seattle Art Museums (SAM and SAAM) (since 1995)

Organizing member of West Edge Sculpture Invitational 2004–2008)

Owned and oper­ated Isis on First Art Gallery (1995–2010)

Juror and panelist through­out Seattle and Washington for exhibits and commu­nity art events (Onyx African-American Fine Art Project, Seatac Airport, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Seattle City Hall, Town Hall, Seattle Convention Center, Mexican Consulate, Benaroya Hall)

Organizer of First Invitational Latino Art Festival at Seattle Center during Cinco de Mayo Celebration (2001–2002)

Here’s the link:

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XPX opening tonight at Dead End Press

Drop by the open­ing of XPX tonight at Dead End Press. I have a two plate relief print with hand-tinting in the mix, and can’t wait to see what my fellow print­mak­ers cooked up. Should be fun. Come sip the wine and drink in the good fellow­ship! 1518 NW 52nd Streert in Ballard, from 7-10pm

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