Epic Ink


There are over 100 draw­ings in this series. I use pencil, marker, gesso, and ink: each lends its own qual­ity of clar­ity or impen­e­tra­bil­ity to the translu­cent Mylar. I like to float them in my instal­la­tions to accent this feature, thus turn­ing the very walls of the exhi­bi­tion space into the stage of action,

I work from photos, from life model sessions, from a collec­tion of toy soldiers, and footage I filmed at a martial arts dojo.  The draw­ings specif­i­cally probe notions of distances, great and small, as well as notions of open ground and narrow passes.  The vari­ous figures advance or retreat into the ground of the draw­ing as they mate­ri­al­ize and dema­te­ri­al­ize on the painted Mylar.  They occupy and relin­quish the shal­low stage of their actions vari­ously, through their levels of opac­ity or translu­cency, through their entrances or exits.  Like char­ac­ters in an epic story, the figures play their compul­sory parts in an ever-unfolding narra­tive arc..

This YouTube link explores the arche­typal imagery in the series.