Epic Books


The first of the books is conceived as a mono­scenic narra­tive. It’s style and color­ing was influ­enced by Greek vase paint­ings I recently stud­ied at the Getty Center. It is a modest 4.25”h x 4.25”w accor­dion book, with covers made of kraft paper with 19th century wood­cut images. The front cover is a close-up of a rectal exam on which I drew a sword-wielding soldier. The back cover is a land­scape with testes over­laid by one of my soldiers. The text block is bright tanger­ine orange Canson paper, and has 13 spreads, or about 54″ of width when fully stretched.

The second Epic book, an unbound accor­dion spread, measures 7”h x 10”w. The text block is 140lb hot pressed Aquarelle Arches and has 5 spreads, or about 50” when fully stretched.

The third Epic book, is a coptic note­book. It measures 5” x 6.5” with six 20 page signa­tures, for a total of 120 pages. The pages are drawn with a combi­na­tion of water­color and graphite pencil.